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    Free Quiz Creating Platform | 5 Formats | Lead Generation | White Label | Single Click Embed

  • Interactive Quizzes, Polls & Contests.
    81% agree that interactive content grabs more attention. .. study by CMI

    Free Quiz Creating Platform | 5 Formats | Lead Generation | White Label | Single Click Embed

  • Create & Embed Instantly on your site
    69% of marketers believe in Quizzes for creating Brand awareness. .. study by CMI*

    Free Quiz Creating Platform | 5 Formats | Lead Generation | White Label | Single Click Embed

  • Quizzes for Lead Generation
    Interactive content generates 2X converisons than passive content .. DemandMetric.com

    Free Quiz Creating Platform | 5 Formats | Lead Generation | White Label | Single Click Embed

5 Popular Interactive Content Formats

Create a Personality Quiz:

Let your audience discover themselves with a Personality Quiz aligned to your industry. 77% of the quizzes shared online are Personality Quizzes.

Create a Trivia:

Challenge your audience by making a Trivia Quiz aligned to your industry. Share different results basis the number of correct answers in your quiz.

Create a Flip:

Mystery & Suspense always build curiosity. Use a Flip quiz to engage your audience. Use Cases: Riddles / Q&A / Before & After concepts.

Create a Picture Lists:

Educate & Inform your audience by structuring your content aligned to your industry in the popular List format.  e.g "5 ways to lose 10 pounds in 7 days"

Create a Polls:

We all love sharing opinions. Know your audience's likes/dislikes by taking their opinion through Polls aligned to your industry.

  • Personality Quiz
  • Trivia
  • Flip
  • Poll
  • List

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Lead Generation

Leverage Your Content Value To Begin A New Relationship !

Generate Leads By Requesting Email Subscription Within A Personality Quiz

Create Your Content

Create Your Content

Add Optional Email Subscription
Module Before the Quiz Results Screen
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Build New Relationships
To Grow your business

Show Quiz Results After
The Email Request Screen

White Labelled

Increase your Brand's visibility in your content with Full White Labelled solutions


  • 5 Popular formats

    Personality Quiz, Trivia, Flip*, List & Polls.
  • White Label Solutions*

    Increase Brand Visibility leveraging White Labelled Offerings.
  • Lead Generation Within Quiz*

    Increase Sales & Grow your Business with more Leads & Conversions.
  • Lead Generation Basis Geographies

    Define 'Target Country' in Lead Generation module.
  • Private Quiz

    Use the Private mode & share your Quiz in your private network.
  • Views

    Build New Relationships by Creating, Embedding & Sharing your Content.
  • Social Media Integration

    Build Viral Engagement basis your created content.
  • Easy To Create

    Create Fun, Interactive & Enriching Content for your Audience instantly.
  • Analytics

    For improving and refining your Campaigns.

Interactive content is a true 2 way dialogue that engages participants in an activity & allows your website visitor to turn from a passive "user" into a doer and an actor*.

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