Some travel nightmares can be nerve-wrecking. What will you do in these situations..?

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Everyone is familiar with travel nightmares; you might even have some of your own. Maybe that time when your flight was delayed for seven hours or perhaps you're thinking of the time you were in a foreign country and you fell prey to one of the many possible travel scams doing the rounds. Which one will you never want to happen to you..

1You reach the airport late and...

2What will irritate you more...

3You reach your countryside holiday destination and..

4The holiday destination is beautiful and you have a lot of activities to do. But..

5You're having a great time at your vacations. And..

6You've just arrived and had your rest and you're ready to enjoy your first day outside, and..

7In a long vacation, what is more worse

8This one is very common, which one for you...

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